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There is no issue more pressing than the climate crisis, and there are so many ways to tackle it. Indeed, humanity has never faced a bigger threat to their existence, a pressure primarily felt by low-income, coastal, and tribal communities. I am making it my mission to write centrally about current relationships to our environment, in efforts to reverse and/or change public perception. To do this, we must address the root cause of the climate crisis; the belief that some lives are worth more than others, and that those lives can be exploited for money, is to be resisted at every turn.

During my three year program at Portland State University, I found my skillset to best fit the intersection of Literature and the Environment, also known as ecocritical literary analysis. My essays have been published in Pathos Literary Magazine and in Sloth: A Journal for Emerging Voices in Human-Animal Studies, and presented at the 2019 Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature, as well as the 2019 Literature and Film Association Conference. I am a current registered member of ASLE, the Association of the Study of Literature and the Environment.

After graduation, I mobilized my viewpoint into action. I worked with Sunrise PDX for the past two years, held a six-month fellowship with Our Climate OR in 2020, and attended the Energy Justice Leadership Institute program by OJTA to pass the Clean Energy Opportunity Act. My testimonies in Portland and the metro area concern the local movement of money in the area, and urge adults in power to move towards a just transition for all. I have led and supported numerous youth trainings, advocacy events, rallies, and virtual engagements regarding racial justice, climate equity, and transportation justice.

My work in 2021 with non-profit Neighbors for Clean Air is exciting and timely. With this team, we host seminars and critical discussions about the impacts of environmental racism across the state, specifically pertaining to air pollution. Additionally, we distribute Purple Air monitors in areas of Portland that currently do not have collected air quality data. My community engagement position is focused on data communication about the negative health impacts of diesel, and the ways neighbors can come together to fight polluting industries in their backyards.

Additionally, I am a project management intern with the creative consulting firm Cosmic211; I am a certified 200-RYT yoga teacher under the Lotus Seed School; I sell tickets with the Portland’5 theater; and I write music in my free time.

My primary focus continues to be accountability to public perception of the environment as we address this crucial moment in time, as well as activating people to advocate for a livable future for all.


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